Franklin Five

Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Monday, November 28, 2005

I had a hard day today. Mommy took me to the doctor and they stuck me with 5 needles! I let mommy know how I felt : ) As you can see, I felt better after my wagon ride and bath. Posted by Picasa

Mommy and Daddy put Shelby in the Wagon with me. I'm not so sure she will be up for trips in the yard though. Posted by Picasa

I asked Grandma Perpy for an All-Terrain Wagon. It has big wheels so I can go offroad. Right now it only has 1 Mommy or Daddy power motor, but I have plans for a ShelbyPup Engine! Posted by Picasa

Grandma Perpy got me my first set of wheels for Christmas! I told Daddy to put it together early (he couldn't say no). You know a boy's first set of wheels is mighty important.  Posted by Picasa

My first Thanksgiving was lots of fun. We flew in an airplane to Memphis to Perpy's house. There were lots of babies to play with. Here are some pictures from our trip. Posted by Picasa

This was my first time to meet my daddy's friend, Jeff. He was a lot of fun. He knows how to play with baby boys because he has one of his own. Posted by Picasa

I also got to see my buddy, Jonathan. My mommy and daddy were very glad to see their good friends, Amy and Jeff. THey stopped in Memphis on their way to Nashville. Posted by Picasa

Here's my Great Aunt Donna. She helped Perpy throw a party for me and Davis. I really like my Aunt Donna. I wish I could see her more often. Posted by Picasa

Aunt Melanie and I got to spend some quality time together. I think she's a pretty cool aunt. Posted by Picasa

Uncle Tim and Aunt Kimberly are very special. Posted by Picasa

I also got to see my cousin Will. Aren't we cute? Posted by Picasa

I also like eating his hand. Posted by Picasa

Davis is three months old and lots of fun to play with. We like talking to each other. Posted by Picasa

Perpy loved having her two grandsons around. She's a super grandma. Posted by Picasa

I spent my first Thanksgiving in Memphis at my Grandma Perpy's house. I met my Aunt Melanie, Uncle Doug, and Cousin Davis. I love them all! Posted by Picasa

Here are my cousins. Davis is on the far left and Will is in the middle. We're all in our Baylor sweatshirts. We had a great time playing together over Thanksgiving. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here's Reese with his mommy, Christine. She came to see me in July when Reese was growing inside of her tummy. Isn't he cute? Posted by Picasa

Here's my new buddy, Reese Hoover. He was born on Monday. His mommy is one of my mommy's dearest friends from Texas. I can't wait to meet Reese and play with him. I know we will be good friends. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm enjoying my first fall in Michigan. These leaves are pretty cool. Posted by Picasa

I helped Mommy and Daddy rake leaves today. Well, really I just sat in my swing and watched while they did all the work. Then, Daddy decided to put me in the pile of leaves and take pictures. It was lots of fun. Posted by Picasa

I tried to put the leaves in my mouth. Mommy didn't think that was such a great idea. What were they thinking? I was covered in leaves, and the temptation was too great. Posted by Picasa

The leaves in Michigan are very pretty in the fall. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

On my first Halloween, I was a pea pod. At first, Daddy thought I should be something more boyish like a racecar driver or a mechanic. I think he decided I looked pretty cute. Posted by Picasa

Daddy and I are two peas in a pod. Posted by Picasa

Mommy thinks I'm a cute sweet pea. I like to give her hugs, too. Posted by Picasa