Franklin Five

Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Wild and Hairy Day

Where can you go to experience slober, stinking poo smells, and wild monkey yells? No, I'm not referring to my house. I'm talking about the zoo. It was my first trip to the zoo, and I can't wait to go back. This zoo not only had lots of neat animals, but it also had a very fun playground.

Do you see me? I'm the one in the green shirt peeking out of that tall wooden tower in the play area. Daddy was going to take me down a very tall, windy slide, but I decided I wasn't quite ready for that.

More Pics from the Zoo

An up-close view of fish, snakes, turtles, lizards, and other reptiles and amphibians.
looking at the elephants with Daddy
Do you see that giraffe behind us? We were so close to it, I could see its long tongue sticking out.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fun with the Fulks

Some of our very dear friends from Michigan came to visit this past weekend. I got to see my two girlfriends and Miss Heidi and Mr. Dan. Here I am with Gretchen before I decided to get out of the wagon and explore. Isn't she cute? We are only 3 months apart and about the same size. A few people even asked if we were twins. We gave each other lots of hugs and sometimes I would sneak up from behind and give her a giant hug. She didn't like that too much and was sure to let me know to back off. I like a girl with spunk.
On Saturday, we went to the park. Miss Heidi is going to have a baby very soon, so she needed to rest in the swing while we played.
Daddy and Mr. Dan found some time while we were napping to play with Daddy's truck. When we lived in Michigan, they spent lots of time together working on cars, a truck, a motorcycle, and other projects around the house.
We went to the Pancake Pantry or Pancake House as Emma calls it. They have very delicious food, but sometimes, I get tired of sitting and waiting for it to get to our table. I don't really like to be still as you can tell from this picture.
We had tons of fun with our friends and we can't wait to see them again and meet the new baby. We love and miss them very much!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wagon Ride

Lately, I haven't been wanting to sit in the wagon. I've been wanting to push it. While Gretchen rode in the wagon and Mommy pulled it, I thought I should help by pushing from behind. I also stopped along the way, picked up leave, and put them in the wagon.
Oh, something interesting has distracted me.
Gotta pick up another leaf and put it in the wagon.
Okay, I'll be a gentleman and push the cute little lady.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tennis and a Swiftly Moving Deer

Grandpa likes to play tennis, and fortunately, we have some tennis courts in my neighborhood. So, I got to learn a few things about tennis. Notice the stick in my hand. You really don't need sticks to play tennis, but I always like to pick them up and carry them around when I'm outside.
I'd like to tell you about a crazy thing I saw today in my neighborhood unrelated to tennis. Mommy and I were outside in our front yard sitting on the steps when along came a deer. This deer was running very quickly through our yard, into the street, and through the neighbor's yard. We have some woods and farmland around our neighborhood so Daddy thinks it found its way home. Mommy was a little startled though to see a deer so close. She made me go inside for a few minutes. Silly Mommy! I think the deer should come back and play with me and Shelby sometime. Mommy said she doesn't think that's a good idea.

A Visit from Grandpa

My Grandpa and his wife, Maryann, ( I call her M.A.), came to visit this week. It was their first time to visit since we moved to Tennessee. We did lots of fun things together like go on walks, play at the park, go to a gym where I jumped on a trampoline, and play tennis. Well, I just helped pick up the tennis balls. Thanks, Grandpa and MA for coming to visit.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Old Neighbors and New Neighbors

Alanna is my new neighbor. She and her sister, Lauren, come over often to play. I have so much fun with them, and I'm glad we live nextdoor to them.

Stacy was Mommy and Daddy's neighbor the first time they lived in Nashville. That was before I came along. She came over for dinner last night, and we have quickly become good friends.

Cruisin' in the Convertible

The weather has been perfect for going out after dinner in Perpy's convertible. I really love riding in it. Daddy said he used to ride in it when he was my age. Wow, it must be an old car. Thanks, Perpy, for letting us use it this summer.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ba, Ba, Ba

My Mommy's good friend, Anne, came from Texas to visit. I had lots of fun playing with her even though I didn't feel the best during part of her visit. She worked on helping me to make triplet sounds.