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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fun with the Fulks

Some of our very dear friends from Michigan came to visit this past weekend. I got to see my two girlfriends and Miss Heidi and Mr. Dan. Here I am with Gretchen before I decided to get out of the wagon and explore. Isn't she cute? We are only 3 months apart and about the same size. A few people even asked if we were twins. We gave each other lots of hugs and sometimes I would sneak up from behind and give her a giant hug. She didn't like that too much and was sure to let me know to back off. I like a girl with spunk.
On Saturday, we went to the park. Miss Heidi is going to have a baby very soon, so she needed to rest in the swing while we played.
Daddy and Mr. Dan found some time while we were napping to play with Daddy's truck. When we lived in Michigan, they spent lots of time together working on cars, a truck, a motorcycle, and other projects around the house.
We went to the Pancake Pantry or Pancake House as Emma calls it. They have very delicious food, but sometimes, I get tired of sitting and waiting for it to get to our table. I don't really like to be still as you can tell from this picture.
We had tons of fun with our friends and we can't wait to see them again and meet the new baby. We love and miss them very much!

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Jonathan said...

Mmmmm...pancakes and wagons! You have such a fun life, Graham!