Franklin Five

Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

There's a Bug in My Stomach!

If you know me, you understand this is a rare sight to see. I hardly ever want to lay on the couch or even sit on the couch for more than a few seconds. Mommy said I caught a stomach bug in Michigan. Well, she also used the word virus but bug sounds more interesting. Mommy and Daddy are very glad that we made it home from our long drive before I started throwing up. Today, I have been feeling a little better and have eaten a few crackers. I have been very tired today. I almost feel asleep at the grocery store, I feel asleep twice in the car, and I took a long nap and went to bed early. For an active guy like me, it's really rare that I fall asleep anywhere but my crib. I think I'll be feeling better tomorrow. Just pray my mommy and daddy don't get sick. They already had this bug in December and they don't want it again. At least they understand what I'm going through.
Two good things about today were Popsicles and warm weather. After my nap, Mommy and I ate Popsicles on our deck and enjoyed the sunny 70 degree weather. What a nice treat for both of us. Mommy took me on a stroller ride, and I almost feel asleep again!

Today was my first time to eat a popsicle-yum, yum!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our Trip to Michigan

Mommy, Daddy, and I drove the 9 hours to Michigan this past weekend. Why would we want to go to Michigan in February? To see our good friends and help celebrate Miss Heidi's birthday. It was a surprise to her that we were coming. Boy, you should of heard her scream when she saw us standing outside her door. Gretchen and I just looked at each other like she was crazy! We had a great time visiting old friends and it was well worth the drive and facing the cold weather. Gretchen, Emma, and I having fun at dinner.
Getting ready for church...It was so fun to see all of my old buddies that used to be in the nursery with me. Now, we are all big kids.
Auntie Jenn came by Auntie Maria's house for a short but sweet visit.
bathtime fun with baby Maddie (Marie and Joe's little girl)

Trip to Michigan (part 2)

My sweethearts!
Mommy thought this picture represented our personalities. Why do you think she thought that?
I loved to give all of my friends hugs. Even though Gretchen wasn't as crazy about them, she was patient with me.
Mommy, Heidi, and Marie got to have a ladies' night out to celebrate Heidi's birthday. They went out to eat, attended the Beth Moore conference, and spent the night in a hotel. The daddies got to take care of us kids. I think the daddies might have had more fun. Do you?
This is the only picture we have with Tucker. Mainly I played with the girls, but I was very interested in always knowing where baby Tucker was. Tucker is already four months old, but it was our first time to meet him. I'm glad to have another boy around. Just wait till he gets a little older-he and I can get into lots of mischief.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What's Cookin?

Recently, I've discovered the joys of cooking. Well, it's not actually cooking but I'm heading in that direction. Everytime Mommy starts doing something in the kitchen, I push the chair over so I can watch what she's doing and find a way to help. My favorite activity is to play with the water (or bubbles as I call it) in the sink. Mommy gives me lots of different spoons and utensils that I can use with the water.
I often want to sample whatever Mommy is preparing. Tonight it was zuccini. I think I like it better raw because I usually spit it out when Mommy gives it to me cooked.
Mommy says I sometimes make her a little nervous. I tell her, "Don't worry, Mommy. A few bruises won't hurt me."
Here I am measuring and scooping some dried pasta. Watch out Martha Stewart 'cause here I come!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Neighborhood Buddies

I love going to my neighborhood playgroup. There are about 9 other boys and girls about my age that come to the group. The mommies have fun talking and the kids have fun playing with each other's toys. Today, we decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. Yum, yum!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Little Sister for Hiroto

My little buddy's sister was born yesterday. Sato is her name, and she's really tiny and really cute. We went to visit her today at the hospital. Hiroto and I had lots of fun running around the hospital room, but we were both very gentle around the baby. I was very interested in Sato, and Hiroto was already helping out by bringing her the pacifier.
The baby shower came just at the right time because Sato was born the very next day. I'm happy for Hiroto and his family, and maybe I can learn about being a good brother from him.

Friday, February 02, 2007

A Playgroup without the Kids?

Tonight, Mommy went to dinner with the other mommies from our neighborhood playgroup. Why would they want to get together without the kids? Anyway, after dinner and after I went to sleep, Mommy and the ladies came back to our house to have a baby shower for Hiroto's mommy. Hiroto is my good buddy from Japan, and he's going to have a baby sister very soon. In Japan, baby showers aren't the custom, so Saho, Hiroto's mommy, was very surprised by the shower. How come they can have all this fun and eat cake after I go to bed?
By the way, have you heard I'm going to be a big brother? Do you think I'm going to have a baby brother or sister? Mommy and Daddy will find out very soon-in about three weeks! I'll keep you updated!


Last year, I saw a lot more snow than I have this year. Unfortunately, I was too little to really play in it. So, I was pretty excited to look at the window this morning and see all of the snow outside.
At first, I tried to play in the snow without my mittens. Normally, I don't like wearing them, but today I quickly learned I would need to have them on to play in the snow.
Mommy and I went sledding on a small hill in our neighborhood. I liked it so much that I kept telling Mommy "more".

I tried to mow the grass in the snow, but that didn't work too well. After a long morning of playing outside, Mommy and I were both ready to go inside and warm up.
Thank you, God, for making snow!