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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What's Cookin?

Recently, I've discovered the joys of cooking. Well, it's not actually cooking but I'm heading in that direction. Everytime Mommy starts doing something in the kitchen, I push the chair over so I can watch what she's doing and find a way to help. My favorite activity is to play with the water (or bubbles as I call it) in the sink. Mommy gives me lots of different spoons and utensils that I can use with the water.
I often want to sample whatever Mommy is preparing. Tonight it was zuccini. I think I like it better raw because I usually spit it out when Mommy gives it to me cooked.
Mommy says I sometimes make her a little nervous. I tell her, "Don't worry, Mommy. A few bruises won't hurt me."
Here I am measuring and scooping some dried pasta. Watch out Martha Stewart 'cause here I come!


votemom said...

awww he looks soooo cute in these pictures. i loved it when my kids were that age and wanted to help do every little thing. enjoy!

Jonathan said...

Hi Graham,

You are such a good cook! Wish I could come help!


Jessica said...

Hi Jo!
Graham is absolutely adorable! I love all his sweet pictures! Congratulations on baby #2!
love ~jessica goodyear

Perpy said...

You are being just like your daddy was when he was a little boy! He loved to cook! Like Daddy, like son! I bet you cooked a great dinner! What a help you are to Mommy!

I love you,