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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Road 2 Hope Race

One thing I like about parenting is that your children sometimes push you to do things you would normally not do.  Although I have always tried to have some type of exercise in my weekly routine, running was never something I enjoyed.  I have never had the desire to run, never participated in any races, and never really even tried to run.  This changed a few months ago when Graham and I heard about Road 2 Hope from a friend.  Graham is naturally a pretty good runner and has been interested in running and finding a race to try out.  I think it's the boundless energy inside his little body that helps him excel in running.  When we heard about this 5K race not far from where we live and how it raises money for an inner city kid's ministry and orphans in Haiti, Graham and I both became interested in it.  I encouraged him to run it with Tim, but since Tim has had an issue with his foot, I was drafted into running the race with Graham.  My dad has gotten into running over the last six months, so I asked him if he'd like to join us.

Graham and I started practicing a month or so ago and would just run/walk for about 45 minutes on the weekends.  Yesterday was the day of the race and after seven days of rain, we finally saw the sun.  We had such a great time participating in this race together.  I was amazed at Graham and how he ran the entire race with a smile on his face.  My dad was one of the older participants and Graham was one of the younger, and I was inspired by their diligence in running.  It was great fun running alongside my dad and my son.  I think it's a neat activity to do with family, and I'd like to see us participate in more races in the future.