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Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Road 2 Hope Race

One thing I like about parenting is that your children sometimes push you to do things you would normally not do.  Although I have always tried to have some type of exercise in my weekly routine, running was never something I enjoyed.  I have never had the desire to run, never participated in any races, and never really even tried to run.  This changed a few months ago when Graham and I heard about Road 2 Hope from a friend.  Graham is naturally a pretty good runner and has been interested in running and finding a race to try out.  I think it's the boundless energy inside his little body that helps him excel in running.  When we heard about this 5K race not far from where we live and how it raises money for an inner city kid's ministry and orphans in Haiti, Graham and I both became interested in it.  I encouraged him to run it with Tim, but since Tim has had an issue with his foot, I was drafted into running the race with Graham.  My dad has gotten into running over the last six months, so I asked him if he'd like to join us.

Graham and I started practicing a month or so ago and would just run/walk for about 45 minutes on the weekends.  Yesterday was the day of the race and after seven days of rain, we finally saw the sun.  We had such a great time participating in this race together.  I was amazed at Graham and how he ran the entire race with a smile on his face.  My dad was one of the older participants and Graham was one of the younger, and I was inspired by their diligence in running.  It was great fun running alongside my dad and my son.  I think it's a neat activity to do with family, and I'd like to see us participate in more races in the future.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween at our house!

Despite the chilly, rainy weather, we made it up and down a few streets in our neighborhood.  The boys were ninjas and Lidiyanna was a fairy princess.  Unfortunately, her outfit was a little altered by her coat and rain boots, but I still think she was the cutest fairy around.  As the boys were making their ninja poses, she looked over and decided she needed to make a pose of her own.  Too cute!!  We were happy to have my dad with us this week to share in the fun.


Tim helped the kids carve their pumpkins in preparation for Halloween.  Graham loved getting his hands messy, but Wesley was content just to watch.  It has been raining here since Saturday, and we are hoping we will get a break tonight so it will be dry for the trick-or-treaters.

 Does she fit?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall has heavily descended on us up here in Canada and its beautiful colors are so vibrant.  I think when you live in a climate where Winter's harsh winds blow strongly, you hold onto every bit of Fall's beauty as long as possible.  If you've been up to visit us, you know our backyard is very small and the houses are close together.  So, I am thankful for the lovely maple tree in my neighbor's yard that blazes its oranges and reds into my line of sight blocking the view of my neighbor's house.  I remembering enjoying this view last Fall, and I am treasuring it again this year.

I have not been as good about keeping up with the blog over the past few months.  Our camera has been having some issues so I find myself taking less pictures these days.  We have also been quite busy.  Our weekends have been full of visits from friends and camping trips.  The camper is being prepared by my handy husband to be placed in storage so our camping trips have come to an end until next Summer.

The boys are continuing to enjoy school, and we've started participating and helping in Awana on Tuesday nights.  Awana is a program for kids to learn more about God's word, memorize scripture, and get wild and crazy running around the gym at our church.  I've been asking myself lately why I signed up to help.  No, not really.  It's a great opportunity to serve.

Recently, a friend told me about how her family picks a different country once a week to focus on at dinner.  She prepares or buys some type of food from that country and they listen to a prayer for that country on this website:  It's a great website that gives information on lots of countries and includes ways to pray for each country.  When I expressed my interest in trying this with my family, she encouraged me to keep it simple.  She said that if I waited until I had all the details perfect, it would never happen.  I took her advice and our family had our first Operation World night last night.  We focused on Korea simply because I had a Korean chicken dish in my freezer and my kids love rice.  I also had some clothing and a game from when we lived in Korea when I was a child.  Korea is a special country to me, and  it touched my heart to hear a Korean woman praying earnestly for her country on the website.  I hope we can have Operation World night often as I think it's important to teach our children that God has a passion for this world that He created, and this world is so much bigger than what my children see here in North America.  So often, I get lost in my own little world as well, and I want God to open my eyes to see the greater picture.

Finally, I will end with a few shots of my favorite little girl!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Little Update

School has been off to a good start.  Both of the boys seem to really like their teachers and have made friends in their classes.  Graham is in Grade Two and Wesley is in Senior Kindergarten.  So, Lidiyanna has mommy all to herself while the boys are at school.  I think she is rather enjoying this.  Below is a picture of us doing very "girly things"...tea parties and baby dolls.  Tomorrow she'll start a gymnastics class.

The week before school started, the boys participated in a four-day art camp.  They had a blast and got very messy.  Maybe the messy part was why they had so much fun.  They studied abstract art and got to do some serious splatter paint.  Here they are with some of their creations.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PEI trip (part 4 and final post)

 The sunsets in PEI were truly beautiful.

 playing on the beach on the north shore of PEI

 We took a boat tour around Charlottetown, the capital of PEI, and learned about lobster and how they catch them.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

PEI trip (part 3)

Star fish, star fish, wonder what you are fish
Time and tide go washing by, and you don't even care.

 Peaceful creature, come and be my teacher
Flotsam, jetsam swish and swirl
and you don't even care.
No, you don't even care.
Sara Groves

The boys had lots of fun exploring on the red sands of the PEI shoreline.  Because of the traumatic changes in tides, it was easy to find different sea creatures at low tide.  Starfish, crabs, muscles, and razor clams were some of their finds.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PEI trip (part 2)

It was great to spend the week with Nana and Grandpa Sam.  One of the drawbacks of living in Canada is we are much further from our family, so we had not seen my mom since Christmas.  It was great just to be together relaxing, sitting by the campfire after dinner, going on walks in the morning, and exploring the island.

 We celebrated my mom's birthday together.

out for ice cream (one of our favorite activities for the week)

Monday, August 20, 2012

PEI trip (part 1)

Since our time in Canada is limited, we are trying to see as much as possible of this beautiful country. This summer, we had an adventure driving twenty hours to reach Prince Edward Island.  PEI is an island in the eastern part of Canada sandwiched between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  We decided to break up the trip and spend a few nights in Quebec City and a night in New Brunswick.  To add to the adventure, we brought along our pop-up camper and camped in it along the way.  My mom and her husband met us in PEI.  Included in this post are the pictures from our journey through Quebec and New Brunswick.
 Our first stop was in Quebec City, the country's oldest city.  It has a strong European flavor, and we enjoyed walking around the downtown area.
 Quebec City

 our cozy pop-up camper

 In New Brunswick, we camped at Fundy National Park and saw a bit of the extreme tidal patterns.  The Bay of Fundy has the world's largest tides.
 exploring on the rocks during low tide

Close to Fundy is Hopewell Rocks.  This area has the same extreme tides, and unique rock formations have been chiseled out as the tide brings the water back and forth daily.  The picture here is taken at high tide.