Franklin Five

Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adoption still rocks!!

Tim and I shed fresh tears tonight as we shared the story God wrote about our family to some friends from church.  It never gets old.  God's work never gets old.  The blessing of our daughter never gets old.  When we started the adoption process, we dreamed of changing one little girl's life.  We had no idea how God was going to use her to change us.  I thank Him everyday for blessing us with our three children.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video about Ordinary Heroes.  Maybe God is calling you to change one life and in return have your life changed, too.

Praise God that we serve a living God!  He never gets old!!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

He cares.

This week I've been trying out new things with Lidiyanna's hair. I've spent more time than I thought I would watching Youtube videos trying to get tips from women who know a lot more than I do about African hair. I went to Whole Foods and bought some ingredients to make a hair spritz. I've listened to my sweet daughter scream while I tried to style her hair. I enlisted help from a friend and we worked together on Lidiyanna's hair.

At the end of the week, I felt more confused and discouraged about her hair than I did at the beginning of the week.

Then, at church of all places, I get a comment from a woman about Lidiyanna's hair that really made me feel even more insecure. It really irritated me and of all weeks to hear this! It seemed like really bad timing.

Here's how much my Savior loves me. Here's how much He cares about even the little, insignificant details like my daughter's hair and my hurt feelings. I'm at church today, and I see the woman. Oh, great! What is she going to think about Lidiyanna's hair today, I think.

Well, she comes up to me, puts her hand on my shoulder, looks me in the eyes and apologizes. She said God laid it on her heart that she should not have made that comment to me, and she never wanted to offend me. She kept saying how sorry she was, and I looked back into her brown eyes and knew she was sincere.

As Tim and I were walking away, he asked me who had told her that it hurt my feelings. What made her apologize? The God of the universe who is saving souls, caring for orphans, speaking through missionaries, and changing lives knows the private things of one mama's heart. He cares and He watches out for me!