Franklin Five

Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Daddy's Pride and Joy

Yes, I am Daddy's pride and joy, but he is also pretty proud of something else-the Cutlass convertible that he's been working on for many months. It is finally done, and it looks great. It is actually his mom's car, but we get to enjoy it too. I love the car almost as much as Daddy. One of our favorite summertime evening activities is to cruise around town and get ice cream or slushies (lushies, as I call them). I also call the convertible a Corvette. I'm a little confused on that even though Daddy has tried to explain several times that a Corvette can be a convertible but not all convertibles are Corvettes. Whatever the case, I love to ride with Daddy and tell him to go faster. Great job, Daddy, on the car and thanks for sharing it with me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Celebrating My Little Brother

Aunt Kimberly and Miss Kimba gave Mommy a baby shower to celebrate my little brother's coming. Mommy felt very honored by their thoughtfulness and had a great time doing whatever ladies do at baby showers.

My little brother is getting very big in Mommy's tummy and she's starting to feel tired from carrying him around all of the time. I continue to give him lots of hugs, offer him pretzels and snacks, and tell him goodnight every evening. It won't be long before he's here.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Splashing in the Fountain

Hey, did you notice something about my smile in this picture? I got my chipped tooth fixed last week! The dentist did a great job, and Mommy said I was very brave.

We met my cousin Will and his family at the Bicentennial Park in downtown Nashville today for a little fun. There is a great fountain where the kids can play and cool off, and that's just what Will and I did. While we were there, we got to see a train pass by and a firetruck. It was a great morning!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Trip to the Beach

Here are lots and lots of pictures from our vacation to the beach. Before we left, Mommy kept talking about going to the beach. When she did, I would say, "No beach." I just didn't understand. After experiencing it, I have decided I really like the beach and can't wait to take my little brother next year.
I was a little uncertain about getting in the ocean during the day, but on this evening, I had so much fun splashing in the water. I wanted to get in to the water more, but Mommy said I couldn't because I didn't have on my swimming suit.

This was our first and only trip with just the three of us. Pretty soon, we'll be a family of four.

We took a lot of pictures!

Hmmm...a mouth full of sand! I love getting dirty and sandy!

Surfer boy, surfer boy, Mommy's little surfer boy!
I loved swimming in the pool-especially the baby pool.

More Pics from the beach

A visit to the lakehouse in Alabama

Mommy and Daddy took me to the beach this past week for a family vacation. On the way there, we spent a few days at our family's lakehouse in Alabama. The lakehouse belongs to Nana's family-her brother, Joe, and her nephew, Jody. I had never met this family, so it was a great time to get to know them.

Jody, my Mommy's cousin, and his son Mark took us out on his boat. It was so hot but we cooled off in the water. I had lots of fun with Mark. He taught me what he said every boy needs to know-how to making that tooting noise by blowing on your arm. He said I'm a real boy now. I've been practising ever since.
I rode on the tube with Daddy for the first time. As usual, I was a little cautious at first but ended up liking it.
Here we all are at my great Uncle Joe's house.

Monday, June 04, 2007

So long pacifier!

About a week ago, I put my pacifier in my daddy's big penny jar. Mommy wasn't too sure she could get it out, so there it sits...separated forever from me. Now I wonder why I did such a thing, but Mommy assures me I don't need it anymore. She gave me a soft Elmo doll to sleep with so I won't miss my paci too much. Sometimes I still ask for it and miss it, but I guess I can make it without it. At least I still have my beloved blanket. Don't worry, it won't fit in the penny jar.

It does take me much longer to go to sleep at naptime, but Mommy says after about a month, I won't even remember it. When I think about it, I can go in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom and see it in the penny jar. I like to visit it now and then, and I added another paci to the jar a few days ago. I found a paci under a dresser and Mommy insisted that the paci in the penny jar needed company.

So long, paci! Thanks for the many days and nights of sweet comforting bliss.

A weekend at Perpy's House

We traveled to Memphis this weekend to spend time with Perpy and visit Aunt Melanie, Davis, and Hayley. We had such a good time going to the zoo and playing in Perpy's pool. Well, actually Davis and I were both a little apprehensive about the pool, but we still had a good time being all together.
Davis wasn't too happy in the boat at the zoo.
Hey, where'd my partner go?

Davis and I share a love for Elmo. We're watching an Elmo DVD together in Perpy's chair.
I can't wait to see my cousins again. This morning, I was asking to go back to Perpy's house. Maybe Davis and I will enjoy the pool more next summer.