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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Daddy's Pride and Joy

Yes, I am Daddy's pride and joy, but he is also pretty proud of something else-the Cutlass convertible that he's been working on for many months. It is finally done, and it looks great. It is actually his mom's car, but we get to enjoy it too. I love the car almost as much as Daddy. One of our favorite summertime evening activities is to cruise around town and get ice cream or slushies (lushies, as I call them). I also call the convertible a Corvette. I'm a little confused on that even though Daddy has tried to explain several times that a Corvette can be a convertible but not all convertibles are Corvettes. Whatever the case, I love to ride with Daddy and tell him to go faster. Great job, Daddy, on the car and thanks for sharing it with me.


votemom said...

rides with daddy at our house also involve stopping for ice cream.

Jonathan said...

oooohhh...can I take a ride???


Perpy said...

You two are snappy looking guys! Love those wheels!!! Good job, son! Thanks for fixin' her up!

I love you all,