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Friday, February 02, 2007


Last year, I saw a lot more snow than I have this year. Unfortunately, I was too little to really play in it. So, I was pretty excited to look at the window this morning and see all of the snow outside.
At first, I tried to play in the snow without my mittens. Normally, I don't like wearing them, but today I quickly learned I would need to have them on to play in the snow.
Mommy and I went sledding on a small hill in our neighborhood. I liked it so much that I kept telling Mommy "more".

I tried to mow the grass in the snow, but that didn't work too well. After a long morning of playing outside, Mommy and I were both ready to go inside and warm up.
Thank you, God, for making snow!


votemom said...

great pix jo.
now you can stop hiding behind graham and other "props" in your pictures ;o)

Perpy said...

Oh, Graham, I have missed seeing your blog while I was at Aunt Melanie and Uncle Doug's! Your mommy does such a great job keeping everyone up to date on what you're doing. I missed the snow! It didn't snow in Texas, and I LOVE the snow! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Maybe God will send some more! I bet you are seeing a lot up in Michigan right now!

I love you,