Franklin Five

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Cruisin' in the Convertible

The weather has been perfect for going out after dinner in Perpy's convertible. I really love riding in it. Daddy said he used to ride in it when he was my age. Wow, it must be an old car. Thanks, Perpy, for letting us use it this summer.


Perpy said...

Wow, Graham, I'm SO glad you are having fun with Mommy and Daddy in the convertible. That car is so old, even your aunt Melanie wasn't born when we got it!!! It is great convertible weather so I'm excited you are enjoying the wind blowing in your hair. You and Mommy look so sweet together!
I love you,

votemom said...

what a sweet picture of you and graham... the bottom one. love it!

how are things going?