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Monday, May 14, 2007

vacation part 2

Uncle Tim was kind enough to let us borrow his boat for the weekend. It was my second time out on it, and at first, I was not so sure about it. I immediately started saying "all done". After about 5 minutes of sitting in Mommy's lap, I realized it was kind of fun. At the end, I wanted to drive the boat myself.

This is Tucker, the newest addition to the Fulk family. I'm glad to have another boy around although I love playing with Emma and Gretchen. All weekend if Emma was out of my sight, I'd ask, "Where'd Emma go?" She and Gretchen thought I was quite funny, and I loved making them giggle.
The mommies and a few of the children: Marie and Maddie, Heidi and Tucker, and Mommy with Gretchen.
Can you see how my little brother is growing in Mommy's tummy? Maddie is also going to have a little brother in September.
The whole gang on the porch of our cabin. All the way home, I kept asking where Emma went. I wish they would all move to Nashville so we could play more often. We'll miss you friends!

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votemom said...

looks like FUN!!!! special times.