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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Imagination

I love watching Graham's imagination grow. This morning, he decided to line up all the books to make a train. He came up with a fun game outside last week that he likes to play. He's the fireman, and I'm the "firegirl". We get on the castle which is our truck and drive to the burning building. Of course, he gets to drive and I hold on in the back.

After we get to the building in need of our help, he climbs down and grabs the bucket.
He puts water in the bucket from the creek behind our house...
and then pours it on the burning building. We hope back on the truck to fight the next fire. What an adventure!!


votemom said...

my kids used to line up their books like that - i'd completely forgotten until i saw graham's picture! they also used sofa cushions and pretended they were islands on the ocean of carpet. happy stuff!

Perpy said...

That little Baylor Bear has quite an imagination! Good for him! Sounds like mom and son have much fun together! You'll treasure these times together; but he will, too, especially as he gets a little older!

kelly said...

you're such a good mom :)

& i notice that your little guys have quite the baylor wardrobe!!! yaaay! go bears!

Kimba said...

So cute!! Isn't it fun to watch them grow?? Kyler started crawling! It is slow and awkward looking right now, but he can get places. He probably has gone about 5-6 feet so I imagine in the next couple of days, he will be everywhere. Now, my life will really get busy!! Are you free on Wed. to get together?

Lowman Family said...

It is amazing how many roles you can take on when your child starts playing make believe. It never makes for a boring day! He is a blessed little boy to have a mom like you!

Amy said...


You are so smart. I hope we can play those games together sometime. I miss you!