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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Potato Prints and Pride Stompers

Let me start out this post by saying it was one of those days. You know the kind. One minute you feel like you are doing a pretty good job at this mom thing. You did a great art project with the kids, you let them play with playdough, or you cooked them a really fantastic meal that they eagerly devoured (How often does that happen?). Then, you find yourself with paint splattered everywhere, playdough ground into the carpet, or mud tracks on the floor you just cleaned. You hear the little one screaming because the bigger one pushed him down, or you've had to repeat yourself three times because they are chosing not to follow directions immediately. was one of those days for me. I tried to ignore the mud so the boys could have fun outside. I got out the paint so my oldest could do a fun craft. I even took a meal to a friend. But, I my boys...both boys...and boy, did I yell. I didn't feel like such a great mom after that. In fact, I wanted to cry. I felt like a horrible mom.

After we all calmed down and were in the car, I apologized for yelling and told Graham that it wasn't right what I did. I told him that God still loves me, and I can pray to Him, tell Him I am sorry, and He will forgive me. Graham responded, "Do it right now, Mommy." So, I did. Aloud. Graham heard. And that is the beauty of the Gospel. God loves and forgives, and my son saw an example of that in his three-year-old world.

A wise woman spoke today at my church's Bible study about Gospel Parenting. She said living out the Gospel in front of our children is the most important thing we can do for them. It's the main thing...the one thing. Teaching our children the Gospel-our unworthiness meets His grace and we are forgiven and accepted is the One Thing that I am to be doing for the next 18 plus years. Better than creative crafts, clean houses, well-behaved children is the truth of the Gospel being played out in front of my kids. I want to live out the Gospel in front of my boys. I want to give myself grace when I mess up because God gives me His grace. I want to tell them I'm sorry, and I want them to see how we can approach the throne of Grace with confidence that He will forgive.

Graham knows he doesn't have a perfect mom. I want him to know he has an amazing Father.

after an art project-potato prints


Lorie said...

Oh, what a GREAT reminder this is to all of us. Thank you! You are so right. I need to be more mindful about living out my relationship with Christ. I've apologized to David several times for getting frustrated & yelling, but I don't think I have ever explained to him that I've sinned, but God will forgive me if I just ask. And I've only prayed for myself out loud in front of him one time, but I didn't ask for forgiveness that time. I was just asking for strength to make it through the day without getting frustrated. Thank you, Jo, so much for this reminder.

Lowman Family said...

Thank you for sharing that Jo. I have those days too and I just apologize to the kids and explain that I make mistakes too. Those are the REAL teaching moments! :)

Christine said...

Jo, this was a great post and a great reminder for me today as I feel overwhelmed with parenting. I like what you said about the gospel being more important than clean houses and crafts and all that.
I look forward to talking on Tuesday!

Kimba said...

You are an awesome mom, Jo! Thank you for the reminder and encouragement. I have had one of those days today! Those kind of days that you just want to crawl in bed, wake up, and start all over again. Thankfully God forgives and we do have a do over!

Maddie and Jack's Momma said...

Oh, Jo! Thanks for sharing. I had one of those "hours" a little while ago. I yelled and yelled. Maddie finally said to me, "Mommy, Jesus is in your heart and He does not want you to scream. You need to be nice." about humbling.

You are a fantastic mommy with incredibly boys. Keep it up!

Cannot wait for another 2 weeks!

Perpy said...

Oh, Jo, I hadn't read this before I came to your home! How grateful I am for a mom who loves my Jesus like you do! What more could I ever ask for as a mate for my precious son and as a mom for my precious grandsons than a wife/mom like you! God is so faithful! How I prayed for Christian mates for my children! How faithful He is! I love you, Jo!