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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Our Truck Boy

Wesley has always loved trucks, cars, and any other motorized vehicles. He makes his daddy proud! One of his first words was "tractor". He couldn't say ball or other simple words but he said "tractor" over and over again.
He made us laugh the other day. I took the boys to meet Tim for dinner at Moe's. When we arrived in the parking lot, Tim was already waiting there in a Titan-the big Nissan truck. I got Wesley out of the car, and he ran around to where the truck was. He looked at the truck, got a huge grin on his face, and said, "Tite...Liiiiike!" It was kind of one of those things that you probably had to be there to hear his voice inflection and see the look on his face, but Tim and I are still talking about it and laughing.
As Wesley's cousin, Drew, would say, "You funny, Wesley, you funny." (Right, Nana?)

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Nana said...

You funny, Wesley, and I sure do love you! I know you really do like those Titan trucks--just like you Dad does.