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Friday, December 18, 2009

Her First Ornament

For some reason, everytime I see a bird, I think of our daugther. I don't know why. It started when I was decorating our newly remodeled our bathroom and found some bird things at store. I was just drawn to them, and they made me think of her. One was a print of a mother bird watching over her nest full of eggs. It just seemed fitting.

I have lots of ornaments on the tree representing different stages in our boys' lives. From an expecting parents ornament to lots of baby's first Christmas ornaments to handmade ornaments the boys have made, our tree is full of ornaments for our children. I knew I wanted to find an ornament for our daughter, and when I found a dainty, ceramic bird, I knew it was perfect for her first ornament. Graham helped me hang it on the tree, and I like to look at it often. It helps my heart to feel a little closer to hers. I can't wait to show it to her next year and to talk about it every year when we hang it on our tree.

I found some ceramic ornaments for the kids to paint and they helped me paint a bird for our baby girl. It's blue with glitter and on the back I wrote, "waiting for our baby girl".

We are waiting for you, sweet baby girl. Our hearts long for you to be with us next Christmas.


votemom said...

my friend and i, who both have daughters from russia, always referred to our russian children (before they were ours), as our little sparrows.

it gave me great comfort to know, even though "our" boys are not home with us, His eye is on them, just as His eye is on the sparrow. nothing escapes His notice.

He let me bring two little sparrows home to love in person... and my other little sparrows are safe in His loving hands. what better place for them to be?

i can't wait until we hear that you have finally met your little sparrow!

The Howe Family said...

This made me cry, Jo. Waiting with great anticipation to meet the baby girl God is going to bless you all with.