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Thursday, June 10, 2010

It might come tomorrow...

or it might not.

For almost three weeks now, the name Franklin has been staring at me at the top of the unofficial list on our Ethiopian Yahoo Group. Our family is the first in line for a referral for a baby girl. When I first found out we were at the top of the waiting list, I was so excited. The call we've been waiting for could come at any time. Every time the phone would ring, I would think, "Is this our agency calling to tell us they have our referral." Now, I find myself wondering if we will ever have our baby girl. I know it's not really rational of me to think that way, but the longer we wait, the more my faith wavers.

These past few weeks have been so full of emotion for me. From being apart from Tim for two weeks, to waiting for the referral, to potty training-or trying to, and finally, waiting for the results of a biopsy, I just feel zapped.

I got this weird rash last week, and it was really annoying. Every time I was in the sun, my exposed skin became extremely itchy. After a few days of going crazy and thinking I would have to hide from the sun all summer, I had an appointment to see a dermatologist. While I was there, I asked the nurse to check some moles on my back. She immediately called the doctor in to look at one of them, and he said I would need to have a biopsy done. It completely caught me off guard and really made me nervous. Thankfully, I heard today that it is nothing serious, but I will have to have it completely removed.

The thought that keeps entering my mind is gratefulness. I am so thankful that God used that annoying rash to get me to the doctor so I could have this abnormal mole removed. I feel like His hand of protection was over me, and it reminds me of how He uses frustrating situations for His good and often times, for our good.

Tonight my heart is thankful, and I continue to pray for patience...patience to wait for the child God has picked out for us and patience to not yell at my son for peeing on the carpet. Pray for me, too!

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The Howe Family said...

That gives me goosebumps!! That is awesome! Can't wait for the news of that great phone call about Her! : )

Praying with you.