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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Baby Steps

Tonight while we were at our church community group, Lidiyanna took her first steps. It was so exciting!! I had gone in to the room where all the kids are during the adult prayer time. The teachers told me she had been trying to take some steps. So, as I was down on the floor with her, I helped her gain her balance and off she went. She went from taking no steps to taking four or five over and over again. All the kids gathered around and cheered her on. I told Graham to get his daddy, and shortly after, all the adults filed in to watch. It was such a fun moment, and it was so neat that this group who has supported us from the very beginning was able to be there and celebrate with us. Of course, Lidiyanna just ate up the attention. There's no stopping this girl now!!

Speaking of baby steps, Tim and I passed over the baby steps and jumped in with both feet towards our move to Toronto this past weekend. We traveled to the big city to look for a house. Fortunately, my mom and Tim's mom were able to come to our home to take care of the kids. (Thanks, Nana and Perpy!! You did a fantastic job!)

We spent four full days looking at tons of houses within the city of Toronto and in a suburb to the west called Oakville. It was a bit overwhelming, but in the end, we found a house we both liked. It's in Oakville and is in walking distance to an elementary school.

One thing I learned about Toronto that I really like is the diverse population. Standing in a movie theater one night, I heard four different languages as people passed by. You can eat just about any type of food from all over the world. The city is so multicultural, and I think our family will fit right in to that environment.

I wasn't too crazy about the weather. It was cold and snowy and it's the beginning of March. Despite the frigid temps, many people walk everywhere and the children go out everyday to play on the playground at school. Unlike Nashville, the city doesn't come to a halt when it snows, and the Canadians like the great outdoors no matter what the temperature.

Right now, I'm feeling positive about the move, but I've definitely had my moments of doubt. I feel God has been encouraging me to take things one day at a time and to give him an attitude of trust and thankfulness.

Baby steps, eh?


Jonathan said...

Love the "eh?" :) I told Jeff it will be more difficult to visit you when you move, and he thinks it will be easy. That's my husband for ya! ;)

Joy and Geoff said...

Hope your move and adjustment to Toronto go well! I live just about 2 hours away, and travel there often (and yes, it is usually cold and snowy for some of March...although we are starting see signs of change, like more sun, a few days of melting, and slightly kinder temperatures)!

Perpy said...

I knew it wouldn't be long! She was trying her bravery last weekend! Hooray, Lidiyanna!