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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Friends from Ethiopia

Larkin with our kids

We met Larkin's mommy in Ethiopia when we were there for court, and we traveled again the same week for embassy. She lives within an hour of us so we get to see them every now and then. My boys love playing with Larkin.

Lidiyanna and Ella

Ella's mommy, Leigh ann, and I quickly became friends through Yahoo groups as we were waiting for our referrals. We both found out about our daughters on the same day and hoped we would meet in Ethiopia for court. At first, it looked like we would not because Ella's court date was not going to be until after courts resumed after the rainy season. Then, at the last minute, Leigh ann found out they made court on the last day before the closing, and we did get to meet in Ethiopia in August. We later spent another week together in Ethiopia in September when we were back for embassy and to bring our daughters home.

The bond between adopted families is amazing and to have spent a week together (we shared a suite) in Ethiopia with our daughters truly bonded our families. Our precious girls were born in the same region of Ethiopia and were taken to the same orphanage within days of each other. Then, America World brought them to the transition home at the same time. I say they were each other's first friends. We hope we can get the two girls together periodically in the years to come.

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