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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A weekend with our small group

I got to admit, I am tired of Winter. Ever since last weekend when I returned home from Texas, the dreary clouds have been hanging over my head.  We've had more snow this year which has been fun, but I'm ready for sun and for warmth.  The winter blues have hit and I'm fighting hard to resist the melancholy mood that has seemed to take residence inside me.

It has been good to look at these pictures and remember that Winter can be fun and God has given us some really wonderful friends here in Canada.  At the beginning of February, we were invited to join our small group for a weekend in Muskoka, beautiful "cottage country" about two hours north of the big city.  While there, we got lots more snow, and the scenery was breathtaking.  As we took a hike to a frozen waterfall, I remember thinking, "This is why people enjoy living in Canada."  The Winter is so long and dreary, yet it can also bring with it a lovely and inviting playground.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed God's amazing creation and we refreshed our souls through prayer, worship, and just enjoying being together.  I am thankful for these memories, for these friends, and for the beauty in the midst of the Winter.

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