Franklin Five

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Trolley Ride

My friend, Hiroto, and I rode the trolley with our mommies around the city of Franklin. The trolley picked us up at a hospital near our houses, took us through downtown, and dropped us off at the library. We were going to go to storytime but after my mommy saw how much energy I had, she opted for the park near the library. Hiroto and I had lots of fun chasing each other around the park. On the way home, I sat next to Hiroto and his mommy, and my mommy sat behind us. He is a good friend that I met in my neighborhood. He speaks Japanese and a little English. Maybe he can teach me some Japanese and I can teach him some English. I think I will start with the important words: tractor, puppy, and more. I miss my old friends from Michigan, but I'm glad I'm making new ones in Tennessee.

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Nana said...

Dear Graham,

I'm glad you are making some new friends in Tennessee. I think Hirato will be a very good friend. I love my Chinese friends and my Philippino friends. I'm glad that God loves all people all over the world and He speaks every language. I hope you learn some Japanese. I want you to teach me how to speak Japanese.