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Monday, March 26, 2007

A Visit to Daddy's Office

Daddy used to work at a plant in Smyrna but now he works in the corporate headquarters downtown. Mommy and I went to visit him and eat lunch with him today. We had to park far from the building and walk across a very big walking bridge. I thought it was very exciting to walk over the river and see a barge and another boat.
After lunch, Daddy took me up to his office/cube to see where he spends his time working everyday. I met some of his co-workers, played on his computer, and said hello to everyone on his floor.
We decided to take the shuttle bus back to our car. This is what Daddy has to do everyday because there's not enough parking close to his building. I loved riding on the shuttle!!
I had a great time visiting Daddy at work and seeing what he experiences everyday. Mommy says she'll be very thankful when the new corporate headquarters are finished and Daddy only has to drive 5 minutes to work. Then, I can go eat lunch with him more often.

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Christine said...

what a cute little boy you have, Jo! such a sweet family. your tummy is tiny.