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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hooray for Sticker Charts and Chuck E. Cheese!

Graham has been struggling with naps for the last month, so my wise friend, Heidi, suggested making a sticker chart to give him some incentive to go to sleep. Everyday that he took a good nap he could put a sticker on his chart. After he earned 7 stickers, he got to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I thought he might like some time alone with me, so I asked him if he wanted to go just with me. He said he wanted Daddy, Mommy, and Baby Wesley to go with him. It made my heart smile that he wanted everyone there-even his little brother.
Wesley spent his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese asleep in the sling.

We had a great time with Graham, and he's already talking about a starting a new chart so he can earn another trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

I'm so thankful for good naps, quiet afternoons, and wise friends!


votemom said...

isn't it amazing when little babies can sleep in crazy places like CEC?!

my boys still like to go to CEC. in fact, it was ABigHairyDeal when R got to go to CEC last week with a buddy and the mom just dropped them off and picked them up 2 hrs later.

you guys all look great!

Perpy said...

Hooray indeed! How fun! Sleep does wonders for us all!

Love you all,

Maddie and Mommy said...

Yeah little buddy! I am so proud of Graham (and happy for mommy!)! I wonder if Wesley could be enticed to sleep through the night with a sticker chart :)! Miss you guys.

Jonathan said...

Good job, Graham!


votemom said...

i love wesley's birth announcement! thanks for including us.

Pam said...

Hi Jo,

This is Pam Comstock from Calvary, remember we used to have nursery duty together? I got to your blog through a link on Maddie's blog and just wanted to say congratulations on Wesley's birth!! You are so blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy boys. What handsome little men!

So glad the sticker chart is working well for Graham's naps. yay for sticker charts, they work well for lots of things!

Many blessings to your family,