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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Built-in Babysitter

This is a picture of a typical day at our house. I'm leisurely talking on the phone while Graham takes care of Wesley. Ha! Just kidding!
Wesley continues to love to hang out in the sling. It always calms him down when he's upset and it works great for getting him to sleep while we are outside or shopping.

These are pictures that Amy took while she was visiting. Graham is very sweet with Wesley, and it's so fun to watch them together. Wesley is starting to smile more at Graham and really watch his big brother.


Perpy said...

Love the picture of Graham kissing Wesley!


Jonathan said...

Hi Graham,

I really miss you already, but I think my mom misses your mom even more.


The Bender Family said...

I love the first picture! That's exactly how it is at my house. ALWAYS lots of time to relax. :)

Michelle Acton said...

I think watching the kids together is one of the best mommy moments. I will try to remember this for when they are older and arguing with each other!