Franklin Five

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Random Pics

This is Graham with his cousin, Davis, two years ago at Thanksgiving. I was looking at it to see how Wesley and Graham resemble each other. I see some similarities but they have their own look and personalities, too. Wesley doesn't seem as interested in moving. He seems to be more content to lay back and watch. Wesley has a little bit more meat on his bones right now, too.

Graham took the picture of me and Wesley. Although it's not very good of us, I was impressed he actually got our faces in the picture.

This picture cracks me up. Graham's expression seems to say, "Mom, hurry up and take the picture."


votemom said...

wow - they really look a lot alike at the same age. especially the eyes/eyebrows.

enjoy your little men today.

Christine said...

I think they look almost exactly alike!!! Crazy.