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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hands On

Graham loves to make things with his hands. He really doesn't like to play with toys that much, and blocks don't seem to interest him either. He likes things that are messy. :) He loves to paint, play with playdough, and help me bake and cook. I found this cute apron and had to get it for him. Maybe it will help a little with the cleanup process.

This morning, he helped me bake some cookies for Valentine's Day. We our going with our Mops group to a retirement home and will take the cookies with us to pass out to the residents.
Graham also is very peticular about what he wears. He really likes to be comfortable and prefers to wear his pajamas at home. I let him wear them in the morning until we go somewhere. He's also been getting undressed at naptime and sleeping in just his underwear. Kids do silly things, and mine is no exception.

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Jonathan said...

Hi Graham,

I miss you! My mom thinks you should teach me how to get my hands messy and also how to undress myself. I keep telling her I'm not interested even though she wishes I was!