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Monday, June 09, 2008

Surfer Dudes!

A friend from Texas on his way to the beach for the summer stopped and stayed with us on Sunday night. Daniel was one of the "fresins", a group of kids whose parents served in a church where we also served. The fresins (friends close enough to be cousins) grew up together in a tight knit group and are still close to this day. We were so blessed and challenged by those families that we got to serve with at that church, and we were again blessed to visit with Daniel. He was in high school when we knew him, and now he's graduated from college. He and his buddy, Bobby, are spending the summer enjoying their last bit of freedom before the real life of jobs and responsibilities begin. With just a little bit of food, money, their surf boards, and a banjo and guitar, they are off to enjoy the waves and sun at the beach. But these guys are not the type to sit around and think only of themselves. They plan on serving at a local church where Daniel has attended in all the summers of being at his grandma's house. I'm sure they will write more songs and practice the fine art of banjo playing, and they will marvel in the beauty of God's creation and the gift of friendship.

As they were sitting in our house, playing their music for us and sharing their plans for the future and their desire to follow God, my heart was touched and encouraged. There is hope for our youth-and hope that my boys will one day grow up to be like Daniel and Bobby-young men that are truly seeking God. And, I was once again reminded of the gift of opening your home. I thought I was providing a nice meal and a clean bed for these guys when in return, I was being blessed and inspired.

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