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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can Anyone Relate?

I just looked out the window and what I saw put a smile on my face. Graham was pushing Wesley in the red firetruck Cozy Coupe on the sidewalk in front of our house. (Don't worry-Tim is outside with them.) Both boys were grinning from ear to ear and having a great time with each other.

Lately, it seems that I have been the referee around our house. Wesley goes around saying, "Mine!" while Graham tries to take a toy from him or initiates a wrestling match that Wesley doesn't really want to be a part of. Don't mistake me. They love being together. Wesley's always following Graham around and doing whatever his big brother does. Graham wants to be with Wesley, too. I guess it's a typical sibling relationship. It just seems that whatever one brother has, the other one wants, too.

For the moment, I'll enjoy what I just saw. Brothers happily play together, husband contentedly washes his car, and wife is able to have a few quiet moments to herself.

Oh, gotta go...I think I hear someone crying.


Jonathan said...

Love your posts yesterday and today, Jo! Miss you!

Lorie said...

I can already related. David always wants to hold Eve's hand or hug on her & she gets upset cause she can't move. It's sweet, endearing, & a little frustrating all at the same time. And this is only the beginning. Glad you were able to have a few minutes to yourself.

Kimba said...

I can definitely relate!! You are such a great mom! I love that we get to go through this together even if we are miles apart.