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Monday, October 26, 2009


DTE=Date to Ethiopia October 23, 2009

Our paperwork is complete, has been notarized and certified, and is in transit to Ethiopia as I type these words. Our adoption agency gives everyone a date when their paperwork has been sent to Ethiopia, and the agency refers to that date throughout the process. It's an important date, and we feel like we have made it to a big milestone now that we have our DTE. We are so excited to be well on the way through the adoption process. We hope to receive our referral in about 9 to 11 months and be traveling to Africa next Fall.

I've heard it said several times that when you adopt, you don't have a baby growing in your tummy, but the baby is growing in your heart. Everyday I feel my heart stretching, getting a little bigger, and I find myself thinking about our baby even more. I picture her playing with her brothers, and I get a lump in my throat every time I think about kissing her sweet cheeks.

In some ways, I think these next nine months will go by quickly. Our boys keep us busy and our days are full. We have a lot to do to get ready for our little girl. I want to cherish this time and not wish it away. I know lots will change once she's here, and there will be lots of adjustments for all of us as with every new baby in a family. Right now is a sweet time with Graham and Wesley, and I am trying to treasure each moment with them. But sometimes I find it hard to be patient. I can't wait to see our baby girl and to have her here with us.


Christine said...

that's so exciting. I'm so happy for you guys.
can't wait to meet your little girl.

Jonathan said...

Jo, this is so wonderful. I got the chills reading your post. I felt the same way about soaking in time with Jonathan while we were waiting to adopt, although our waiting ended differently than yours will! Can't wait to kiss her cheeks someday, too.


Sarah said...

Hooray! That is such a wonderful feeling to have everything out of your hands and headed to Ethiopia! Congratulations and God bless you during your wait.

votemom said...

a date - a real date.

this is a

hooray for a date!

KT said...

So happy for you to have this all complete and can have a good idea when your pumpkin can come home
So awesome!
Can't wait to see what the Lord does over the months, so many things will happen that will mold your family for her...just don't know what to say! Another orphan will have a forever home and another family will have a new child to love and care for. such sweet blessings

Emma Claire said...

Jo, I'm a friend of Amy J. and have followed your blog for the past 4 1/2 yrs. I have been so touched recently by your entries about adoption. My eyes well up with tears everytime I read it. I am so happy for you guys and know that God is going to bless this process. I had a few questions for you. If you ever have a minute, please email me at