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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rainy Season

Everyone wants to know when we are traveling to Africa. I'd like to know, too! Right now, we are waiting to hear from our agency about our court date. Our daughter's birth certificate has to be issued first in order to be assigned a court date. Our agency said we should receive a court date between 4 and 8 weeks after we accepted the referral. We accepted it on June 30 and were hoping to have a court date in August.

I just found out that the courts in Ethiopia will close from August 6 until September 27 for the rainy season, so I'm not too sure if we will get a court date before they close. Ugh...the idea of waiting until October to see my daughter is really hard, but I know God knows what is best. I'm praying He will put us in Africa at the time that is best for Lidiya and best for our family.

We also found out last week that Lidiya has some type of upper respiratory infection and is on antibiotics. I think this is fairly common in the transition home, and I am thankful she has a good doctor and medicine to help her get better.

I would love for you to pray with us for our little girl's health and for our court date. I would love to get to travel in the next month to meet Lidiya, but if that doesn't happen, pray that we will have patience and peace and continue to trust in God through this.

I sent a care package this week with another family from our agency that is traveling for a court date. They assured me to give our little girl lots of love, hugs, and that they would pray with her. What a comfort they are to me, and I've never even met this family. They are going to send us an email later in the week with some pictures of Lidiya and a little update. I'm looking forward to hearing from them.

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Jonathan said...

We will pray for Lidiya and for you. How wonderful that even though your hands can't reach her, God's hands can through this other family.

Love from all of us.