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Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer Update

Even though this summer has been challenging, we've had some really great moments. Here are a few of those moments I want to remember: A few days after we got the referral, Tim and I went out on a date to celebrate. We decided to try a local Ethiopian restaurant. It was an interesting experience, and some of the food we really enjoyed. We've heard that Ethiopian food can be enjoyed more as you try it more and get used to it. It was also a special time to celebrate our daughter's culture and get excited about traveling to Ethiopia.
My mom and her husband were here over the Fourth of July weekend. We had so much fun with them, and our children soaked up the love of their grandparents.

We had my brother and his family and my cousin, Andrew, over to our house to celebrate Wesley's birthday (a little early).

We are trying to enjoy some snuggly moments with Shelby this summer. Shelby has been a part of our family for over 10 years. We were saddened to find out she has cancer and may not be with us very much longer. Right now, she is feeling good, enjoying walks, and still loving being around the kids.

In June, we went to Tim's mom's house to visit Perpy and Tim's sister and her kids. Despite a trip to the ER, we had a great weekend together. The boys loved playing with Davis and Hayley.

Graham and Wesley have so much fun swimming in our neighborhood pool. We go there often for the boys to burn off energy, cool off in the water, and it helps me keep my sanity.

We celebrated my birthday at my mom's house in Tyler earlier in the summer. My mom does such a great job of making me feel loved. I love the way she pampers me.a trip out on my brother's boat with the cousins

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