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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Mother's Love

My mom came to visit this past week while Tim was in Japan on business. With her came a flurry of snow. As the frigid temperatures kept us indoors, out came the scissors, glue, markers and stickers to create the crafts my mom had prepared for the kids. She spent lots of time with my kids in the kitchen baking yummy treats and designing Christmas decorations. My children loved it. My boys would much rather be in the kitchen crafting and baking than playing with toys. My mom understands this, and I think she enjoys it all just as much as they do.
She also spent lots of time on the floor with Lidiyanna cheering her on as she tried to crawl and pull up. I was thankful they got to spend this time together, and I was so thankful for all of my mom's help.
It was a crazy week with the snow, Christmas excitement, school parties, and well...a fender bender. Needless to say, I was not always the happiest mom around at times. I was stressed, tired, and running low on patience. I had hoped the week with my mom would be peaceful and calm. I envisioned the kids playing happily in the other room while my mom and I spent hours chatting over cookies and hot chocolate. Well, actually, I am more of a realist than that, but I was hoping for a calmer week.
Despite all the chaos, we made it through and have some fun memories to take with us. Last night, my mom and I sat on the couch hugging and not wanting to say goodbye. I knew she was tired and ready to get home just as I was ready to have Tim home, but she's one of my dearest friends. It's never easy to say good-bye to her.
Throughout the week, my mom babysat so I could go to Graham's school party, the grocery store, and a doctor's appointment. She helped fix dinner, gave Lidiyanna her bath, and helped entertain the boys. She did a lot of wonderful things, but the best gift she gave me was through her love. She loved my children despite their moodiness, selfishness, or fussiness. She let me know it was okay that they weren't perfect, that I was doing a good job even though I didn't feel like it, and that she thought my kids were pretty special. After a long week that could have brought discouragement and doubt, God used her to lift me up and remind me of unconditional love. The same kind of love that my mom poured out on me and my kids even in our ugly moments is the same kind of love God pours out on me.
Fiercely Loyal.
No matter what kind of Love.

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Perpy said...

Sitting here crying reading these beautiful words about a mom from her daughter! How blessed you are! And so is Charlotte! I love you, too!