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Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Friday, May 25, 2012

One year

It has been one year since we left our home near Nashville and moved to the great white North.  Actually, it wasn't that white this year, but next year could be a different story.

As I reflect back over the year, I have a mix of emotions flood my heart.  We have had quite an adventure exploring new places.  I think of a beautiful, peaceful lake in Quebec and the loons that called so gently over the fog-covered water in the stillness of the morning.  I think of Ottawa with its grand Parliament buildings and a story to tell of a country made of immigrants.  I think of my son's classmate from Dubai and the tears his mother shed as we shared an understanding of being far from home.  I think of the sound of bike tires on gravel as I followed my boys through the green trails that weave in and out of our neighborhood.  I think of the kindness my Father has shown to me through a friend who has made a place in her life for me knowing all the while that I will be leaving almost as quickly as I came.  I think of my Bible study leader and the way she saw my broken heart when I had no words, just tears.  I think of my brother, my nephews and my niece, my dear sister-in-law, and another birthday party I am missing in Nashville.  I think of my husband rising to the challenge presented in this new role in Nissan.  I think of my little girl who has now lived in Canada longer than any other place she has been.  I think of the lump in my throat I desperately tried to force down as I walked my son to his new school back in  September, and I recall with great gratitude the way God perfectly placed him with a loving teacher who we all adore.  I think of my friends, my neighbors still in Nashville, still showing me they care.  I think of how I miss them and how great it will be to see them again.  I think of the way it will hurt to leave the new friends we've made here.

I think of how God has provided...not always in the way I had wanted...not always as quickly as I had hoped...but always in His perfect and wise way.

Spiritually, it has been a dry year for me.  At times, I have felt like I am simply going through the motions.  Yet, the truth is God has never been far.  He may have been quiet at times, but I know He has always been with me.  And I am thankful for in the last few months, I have felt the cracked, hard soil begin to soften.  It's not so dry anymore.


Jonathan said...

I miss you!

Thank you for sharing your heart.

Perpy said...

Jo, so beautifully written and expressed! You are very gifted! And I pray that God will give you and your precious family many more gifts of His presence as you go through the second year away from "Home." I'm grateful we got to be together four times over this first year! God is good, and He indeed is faithful! He won't stop being either!! Love you!

Kimba said...

I have been thinking about you tons the past couple of days!! when are you free to talk to this week? I can on Thursday or Friday? Look forward to catching up!!!!!