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Friday, June 01, 2012


It has been an action packed week.  Jo will have to fill in the details later, but we are tired and about to go to bed for the last time in Japan on this trip.  From waking to a smallish earthquake while asleep on the 23rd floor to riding on a bullet train, we have had a trip full of new experiences.  Being away always reminds me how much I miss my kids, and I am ready to get home to see them.
Kamikochi - Wow a perspective of Japan I didn't know.
 New adventures in eating.
 The famous Shinkansen Bullet Train - speeds up to 186 mph make traveling by train quick!
 The Ginkaku Shrine in Kyoto has beautiful gardens around it.


votemom said...

wow! so i guess you guys went to japan, yes? didn't know that was happening. how wonderful jo got to go!

is a japanese assignment in your future?

Jonathan said...

Wow, thank you for the pictures! We've been thinking of you guys!