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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Japan (part two)

After Kamikochi, we traveled by bus and train to Takayama, a small but charming city in the mountains.  We stayed in a western-style hotel that had an onsen on the top floor.  An onsen is a hot-mineral spa bath.  This one had a bath for women and a separate bath for men.  We were trying to experience many Japanese customs so we decided to see what the onsen was like.  We were both a little hesitant because you enter the onsen without any swimming suits or clothes.  Fortunately, it was not crowded and I was the only one on the women's side.  The procedure for partaking of the onsen is to soap and rinse off using the a special bathing area before getting into the onsen.  Usually a Japanese robe or pajamas along with the slippers are provided in your room so you can wear those to and from the onsen.  Tim looked really cute in his.  Too bad I don't have any pictures of that!  It ended up being really relaxing and an experience we both enjoyed.  Our motto for the week was, " When in Japan, do as the Japanese."

After our authentic Japanese dining experience in Kamikochi, we were feeling a little less adventurous and hoping for a little comfort food.  Our travel book told us about a Mexican restaurant owned by a Japanese man who was very enthusiastic about Mexican food.  We found the restaurant and had a delicious dinner made and served by the owner.  You never know what you'll find in the most unusual places.

 some private, old homes in Takayama that are still residences with merchant areas on the lower levels

 where we stayed in Takayama

 Sometimes there was little English to be found, so navigating around could be a little tricky.

 One of the many temples in Takayama.

Bring on the Mexican food!

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