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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas in Blue Mountain

It's hard to believe my last post was at the beginning of November. I guess December was so busy that it just flew right by.

Tim's family came up to Canada for Christmas and we spent our time together in a condo in Blue Mountain, a ski village a few hours north of where we live.  They had a little snow when we arrived and a lot of snow when we left, so the kids enjoyed lots of sledding and playing in the snow.  Graham, Hayley, and Davis took ski lessons one afternoon while I took Wesley and Lidiyanna swimming.  It was a different way to spend Christmas and I think we all enjoyed our white holiday together.


Perpy said...

So glad to see an update!!! I look every day! We did have fun being together and having a white Christmas. So sorry your trip to TX was so frustrating. Just grateful you all are ok. Suitcases and clothes can be replaced! Thank you for making a memory for all of us but especially for me this Christmas! Love you!

votemom said...

jealous! our family loved skiing at blue mountain several years ago. just this month paul mentioned the hope of going back. it's his #1 choice of places to ski. we were supposed to ski this past weekend at nub's nob, but it was almost 60 degrees and rainy so we had to cancel. glad you made a fun memory!