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Sunday, January 20, 2013

We have been having lots of fun around our house this week as my cousin, Andrew, was in town.  Somehow he always seems to make me laugh.  By the end of the week, Graham kept looking at us and telling us to stop laughing.

Unfortunately, Tim had to be out of town most of the time at two different auto shows, and Andrew had purposely picked this week to come so he could help me while Tim was gone.  Just shows you what a great guy he is!

We have gotten some snow which has been fun.  I was glad Andrew got to see some of the white stuff.  We also had a fun adventure going into Toronto last night and ice skating at an outdoor rink that overlooks Lake Ontario.  It is such a great place with a live DJ on Saturday nights and the CN tower glowing in the background.  We were having some mild temps so the place was very crowded, and we got a few giggles from watching a lady who was very serious about practicing her figure skating among the rest of us who were just trying to keep from falling.  Andrew, Graham and I skated although Lidiyanna would have been out there too if they had skates in her size.  Graham is finally getting the hang of it and but still spends lots of time laying on the ice mainly because he thinks that's fun.

We are continuing with our motto: If you gotta live in Canada, you might as well embrace the Winter and enjoy it.
 Love those rosy cheeks!

 Put this picture in so you could see Tim's "authentic" Canadian hat.  We are prepared here!!

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Jonathan said...

I am glad that you had some company while Tim had to travel!