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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fast Asleep

"Nothing in this world is quite as sweet as a tiny baby fast asleep.
I could watch you to the end of time...especially when that baby is mine."
These words are in a song written by Sarah Groves. She has become one of my favorite artists. She has a beautiful voice with insightful lyrics, and many of her songs are about being a mother.
So, my baby is not so tiny anymore. Wesley had his 6 month checkup last week and weighed 19.5 pounds. That puts him in the 75 percentile for weight which is strange to me because Graham was always in the 10% percentile. I love his nice, chubby thighs! Right, Nana? :)


Maddie and Jack's Mommy said...

simply precious. i cannot wait to hold him.

Amy said...

We love Sarah Groves, too. One of my favorites is entitled something like "You are the moon and I am the sun." Sorry I don't know the title. ;) We heard her with Chris Rice and Jars of Clay.

Your boys are so precious. Wish we were there with you! I'm so jealous our guys get to see each other!!!

votemom said...

could be the little brother may grow up to be bigger than the big brother. it's looking like that may happen in our family... big brother is long and lean and little brother is built more like a football player - and is fast catching up in height. R is now taller than me by almost 2 inches!

thanks for the update!