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Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Monday, January 21, 2008

Never Cease to Praise

Here are the words to one of my new favorite songs that we sing at church. Our minister of music wrote the words, and I just love it. I always get tears in my eyes as we sing the last few verses.
Never Cease to Praise

May we run this race, may we keep the faith; May our eyes be fixed on Jesus-
That we'll not lose heart in our struggle with sin, And through suffering know endurance.

May we arm ourselves with the mind of Christ-To rejoice in trials and be not surprised.
May our hearts be so consumed by You That we never cease to praise!

May the words we share be Your grace and peace; May our tongues speak Your proclamations-
That the many parts of the body of Christ Be affirmed in their right relation.

As we long and wait for the groom to come, May we learn to love, and spur each other on.
May our hearts be so consumed by You That we never cease to praise!

When that day arrives, and the race is won, When our griefs give way to deliverance.
We will fully know as we're fully known, All our groans will end as new songs begin.

And a multitude from every tribe and tongue, Wearing robes of white, will stand before Your throne,
And our hearts will be so consumed by You
That we never cease to praise!


Perpy said...

Those words are terrific, Jo! How we all need to be reminded to praise Him for all He has done for us and continues to do for us. Satan doesn't want us to praise Him and live for Him!

I love you,

Christine said...

Jo, that's an awesome song. I needed those words today since I'm having an "autism day". It's good to know Will will be healed in heaven!

kelly said...

JO! I can't believe I found your blog!!! How are you? I saw the pics of precious Wesley! He would have fun with my little guy Hudson!!! He's 8 months old. And Graham is so big! Wow! Please email me - I would LOVE to catch up!!!

Kelly Garrett Harp

David said...

Hi - I visited Grace Community a couple of weeks ago and Jeff gave me a copy of the CD with this song on it - amazing words. I'm sitting here listening to it today, after a week of more pressure than I've had for awhile (work piling up, buying a house, etc.) - great encouragement.

Lindsay said...

i have been trying to find this song for a long time- do you have a recording or know where i can find one?

Gaelle said...

i've also been looking for the song is there a website i can buy it from?