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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Our Night Out

Last night Graham and Wesley spent the night at the Fulks. If you recall back in January, we had their children over for a sleep-over so they could enjoy an evening and morning to themselves. Well, it was our turn this weekend. It was great...we went out to dinner (and didn't have to rush home and pay the babysitter), shopped a little, watched a movie at home and turned the volume up really loud (Tim's idea), slept in this morning (well, we both woke up at 7:30),went out for breakfast, and leisurely shopped around in the downtown area.

It was a nice time alone with my hubby, and I think it's very important to take those opportunities to keep your marriage strong. Tim is my best friend, and I still enjoy being with him. But, you know what I realized? I really like having my boys around. I like coming home from a dinner out and checking on them while they are sleeping. I like hearing the little sounds they make in the morning when they wake up even if it stirs me from my peaceful slumber. I like sharing my eggs with Graham when we go out for Saturday morning breakfast, and truthfully, the window shopping got a little boring. We ended up picking them up just a little early.

I think Tim and I both agree we missed our boys, and we like having them around. Tim's dad used to say something that we'd always laugh about. He'd say, "I don't just love my kids, I like them." I think we get it now.

We'll continue to get a babysitter and go out on dates. We will have more sleep-overs with our friends and enjoy nights alone together. We'll schedule trips for just the two of us, and we'll eagerly look forward to those times together. But we'll enjoy coming home to our children, and we will love them more because of the time apart. We'll be better parents because we gave our relationship some attention, and we'll be reminded of how blessed we are to have Graham and Wesley in our lives.

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Amy said...

We agree 100%!