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Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Trip to Texas

Graham and his buddy, Caden
Caden and his mom, Kimba, and his little brother made the drive from Dallas to Tyler to visit us while we were in town. Kimba and I were good friends in Nashville, and I've missed her greatly since she moved to Dallas. It was a special treat to see her.

I drove with the boys last week to Texas to visit family. The drive went amazingly well, and we had a great time with grandparents. While we were there, we stayed busy doing lots of summer activites in Tyler.
I got to visit a sweet friend from high school, Misty.

We visited the wonderful zoo in Tyler and enjoyed the perfect weather.

the boys at the zoo

We rode bikes on a beautiful new trail and ate ice cream afterwards.

The boys got to experience fishing for the first time. My mom caught a fish but neither she nor I wanted to touch it. We had to ask a man who was fishing nearby if he would take it off of our hook. It was rather funny.

Nana and Graham on a walking trail

Nana and Graham at a sprinkler park

my granddad and I on my birthday

My family helped to make my birthday special. Graham and my mom made a yummy cake and we took it to the sprinkler park to celebrate. (That was Graham's idea.)

my mom and I

Tyler has a beautiful park built in memory of children that have passed away. These pictures were taken at that park.


Maddie, Jack, and Kate's Momma said...

Great pictures, Jo! Looks like a very fun trip:). I miss you and I love your mom's hair, btw!

Jonathan's Mom said...

Soooo glad you had a great trip!

Anne said...

great pics!! I'm soooooooo glad that you got this chance....what a special family you have...parents, grandparents, kids, husband...count your blessings.

Kimba said...

I love seeing you and the kids! That was so fun! I love the picture of Caden and Graham - too cute! :) I am also glad that Caden got a haircut last week - it was definitely way too long and was starting to look like a boy teenager cut!