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Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Ethiopian Buddies

While we were in Ethiopia on our first trip for the court date back in August, we met a really great couple. Mike and Neiva were there at the same time as us to meet their son, Colton. We met our children for the very first time together, spent every day going to the transition home to visit our kids together, and went through the long morning at court together. It was a week that bonded us in a deep friendship because we experienced some life changing events together.

We were very sad to find out we would not be traveling with them in September for the embassy date. We decided then that sometime later we would all get together after we had all our children at home. They live in the Canton, OH area, so we thought we would meet somewhere around Cincinnati. After having trouble finding a place to stay, we decided they would come to our house for a weekend of fun with six kids.
It turned out to be so much fun. I was so excited for Colton and Lidiyanna to see each other again (especially since we've already decided they will get married someday), to remember our experiences in Ethiopia, and to talk about how things have been since we've been home with our kids.
All six of the kids did very well together and quickly became buddies. It was a weekend we hope to repeat many times over the future.

Colton and Lidiyanna
It's interesting how different they look even though they are both from Ethiopia. Lidiyanna is from the Southern part of the country and Colton is from the northern region of Ethiopia.

our attempt to get all six kids looking at the camera

We got a few babysitters to watch the kids so we could enjoy a dinner out. It was wonderful!!

hittin' it off at Jump Zone

Sydney and Lidiyanna with their cute little pigtails

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Jonathan said...

How wonderful! New, fabulous couple and family friends...what a blessing. :)