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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Our First Trip to the ER

Sorry for the poor picture quality.
Tim took this pic with his phone after we returned from the ER around 10pm. I couldn't believe he was still smiling. I think it must have been the Popsicle they gave him.

I thought it would be Graham that would take us to the ER someday, but it was his younger brother. Last night, Wesley fell on the sidewalk and received a pretty yucky cut on his forehead. The cut wasn't long but it was gaping open. I knew it needed more than a band aid.

Wesley is our child that freaks out just going to his regular check-ups, so I knew this was not going to be pleasant. Our pediatrician recommended taking him to the Vanderbilt Children's ER because it was a cut on the face. Tim decided to stay home with the other kids and I took Wesley to the ER. He was nervous from the minute we said he was going to have to see a doctor about his cut.

I called my brother who works at Vanderbilt, and he decided to stay up at the hospital and meet us at the ER. I am so glad he was there, and I am filled with gratitude when I think about him sacrificing his evening with his family to be with us at the hospital. He was a big comfort to me and Wesley, and I was glad to have another person that loved Wesley helping me through the experience.

I cannot say enough great things about Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and how great the staff treated us. They sent in a child life specialist to talk with Wesley using a doll and toys to try to help him relax. She was amazing and stayed with us until the stitches were complete.

Wesley was a trooper. He was scared and he screamed, but he was able to get the stitches without having sedation. Often times, they sedate the little ones to help keep them still, but I really didn't want to have to do that. Including the doctor, there were six of us gathered around my sweet son trying to keep him still while he got the three stitches. Fortunately, he didn't need a shot because they applied this cool, numbing gel when we first arrived at the ER. I was amazed at that magic goo because I remember how much those shots sting.
In the end, he came away with three stitches that will dissolve, a green Popsicle, and a look of pure relief. Today, he proudly told Nana on the phone all of the details of the harrowing evening. He's doing really well now and hasn't complained at all that his head hurts.
Again, I just feel so thankful for my wonderful, big brother who never cease to watch out for his little sister. I am also thankful for the compassionate staff at the hospital who never made me feel weird or annoying for having a screaming kid.
All that to say, I do not want to make a trip to the ER anytime soon. Hopefully, my next post will be about something fun-like our trip to Disney last week.

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Aww, Wesley! Kiss his little head for me. :)