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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The good-byes have begun.

Our move to Canada is quickly approaching and the time to leave our friends and family in TN is almost here. Today was our last Sunday at our church. I kept telling friends that I would like to see them later in the week so I wouldn't have to say goodbye. I'm procrastinating.

Right now, I have very mixed emotions. I'm so glad to have Tim home and for the six weeks of being apart to be behind us. I'm excited about the new adventures we will have as a family and to see how God is going to grow and challenge us. Yet, I am nervous about moving where I know no one. I'm overwhelmed at the thought of unpacking and getting set up in our new house with three little children. I am sad to leave our friends and family that we have enjoyed sharing day-to-day life with for the past five years.

As Perpy reminded me this weekend, life is always changing. Nothing ever stays the same, so I know I need to embrace this new chapter in our lives.

Thanks for your prayers and for your friendships. God has given me some amazing friends here in TN and I will miss you all.

The movers are coming on Wednesday and we will be leaving Nashville on Saturday. We're are going to the Great Wolf Lodge over the weekend to have a little get-away before the unpacking begins at the beginning of next week. So, the next time I post I will probably be writing from Canada.

Bye, y'all!! It's been fun, eh?


votemom said...

ugh. i can feel the sadness in my heart and stomach. it's so hard.

and yet.... remember how God provided when you left michigan, and how He had people in place to encourage you as you started a new life in tennessee?

He is faithful to meet each need - big or small.


The Howe Family said...

I am so bummed I had your moving dates all messed up! We wanted to do something special for Wesley in SS next week, but yesterday was his last time in our class. Give him an extra big hug from the 3yo class!
Praying for you in this transition. Have fun - I look forward to reading about your Canadian adentures! :)

neiva said...

I'm excited for your new chapter in life. I'm also glad you aren't apart from Tim anymore!!!

Kimba said...

I am going to miss you SOOO much!!! I am so thankful for cell phones, Facebook, blogs, and email! Thank you for being a true friend to me. I am thankful for you and all the times we have shared together. Perpy is so right. Life is always changing. My Grandma just said that the other day as they just said goodbye to Longview where they lived for 60 years. She said, life if always changing and it is time for the next adventure. So true. Treasure the past, but look towards the adventure behind. We will keep in touch and I know 2 years will fly! Love, Kimba