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Sunday, April 08, 2007

New Easter Traditions

Mommy and Daddy gave me some playdough in my Easter basket and let me play with it before breakfast. Mommy made some special rolls called resurrection rolls, but I preferred my cereal.
Here's how she made the rolls:
She started with a big marshmallow which represented Jesus's body. She dipped it in melted butter to symbolize annointing His body with oil as they did when He died. Then, she sprinkled cinnamon on the marshmallow to represent the spices they used when they buried Jesus. She wrapped the marshmallow in a crescent roll which represented the tomb where they buried Jesus. She baked the rolls in the oven for about 10 minutes. Guess what happened when she got them out and we cut into them to eat them? The marshmallow disappeared just as Jesus's body was gone and the tomb was empty. Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed!
Mommy also made a bunny cake for our Easter lunch dessert. She got this idea from Perpy who used to make these cakes for Daddy and his sister at Easter.


Perpy said...

I'm so glad your sweet mommy is making the Easter bunny cake for you! Anna started that tradition! So your mommy is carrying it on for you! Aren't traditions great!


Perpy said...

I LOVE the Easter rolls your mommy made. I've never heard of those before but how precious the thought! She is such a good mommy!

I love you, Graham!