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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Our Girl is Coming Home!!

We found out today that we will be leaving on Saturday for Ethiopia!! We knew it was a big possiblity so we've been making plans for the trip. It was such a relief to know we really do get to leave this weekend to bring Lidiyanna home...finally!!

We will leave this Saturday, September 11th and return the next Saturday, the 18th. If anyone is in the Nashville area and would like to greet us at the airport, our flight gets in around 4:30. Everyone is welcome to meet us in the baggage area. We can't wait for you all to meet Lidiyanna.

I've had our bags partially packed for about two weeks now, but as I really start thinking about logistics, I'm getting a little nervous. How will she do on the plane ride? Naps, bottles, hair care, so much to think about.

Of course, we've been talking to the boys about this for so long, so they are thrilled. I know they are a little nervous, too, about their parents being gone for a week. Please keep them in your prayers while we are gone.

Graham has continued to enjoy kindergarten, but he's had some mornings that he didn't want to go to school. My dad will be staying with the boys and I want things to go smoothly for him while we are gone. I hope Graham will not be too teary while we are away. He's facing so many changes in his little life right now.

What my heart longs for most right now is for all of my birds to be in one nest. Soon, I will go to bed with my three children all tucked in safely under the same roof. It's hard to believe the day we've been waiting for and praying about for almost 16 months is finally here. I know there will be lots of adjustments to go through, but I am so excited we are about to be the Franklin Family of Five!! My heart gives thanks for God.


votemom said...


i was praying for you guys not 20 min ago and now i read this amazing news!!!

i'm so thankful with you to the Lord that He has seen fit to move the process along so quickly. (even tho i know it hasn't FELT quick.)

i will pray for you. the trip home may be rough, but, then it will just be a memory. kind of like childbirth! or... maybe it will be great - who knows?! well, we know Who knows. He has gone before you and is in control.

hooray hooray hooray!!!

Keri Harrison said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you are traveling! Still praying - and will now add your trip into those prayers. I'm SO excited for you and Tim and the boys. :) What amazing big brothers they are going to be!

Becky said...

YAYYYY! Is there anything I can do to help??? I do still have the plug adapters from Tracy if you want me to drop them by. We will plan to see you at the airport!