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Sunday, September 19, 2010

We are home!!!

I can't write much now because I've got to go to bed, but I wanted to say how good it is to finally be home with our daughter. We had a good but exhausting trip, and now we are trying to relax and soak up the joy of being with our three children.

Lidiyanna had a cold the week we were in Ethiopia and now she seems to have an upset stomach. It's hard to know if it is just the long plane ride, lots of change in her little life, or a stomach bug. Pray that she feels better soon.

The boys simply adore her. They cannot get enough of her. Especially Graham. He does everything he can to make her smile which doesn't take much. The boys want to play with her, help with her bath, take her on walks, read books with her, and give her a bottle. They are so sweet and I'm loving watching all my children together.

Thanks for all your prayers. I just feel like I can breath a big sigh of relief. She's finally home!!!!


Kimba said...

I LOVE seeing all of them in the same picture!!! Wow! She is here!!!!!!!! Praying for you as you adjust.

votemom said...

what a miracle from God's loving hands. i don't know what else to see. sometimes He is just beyond words.

sooooo thankful with you!

Anne Rodgers said...

Praying for you this morning - continued sweet time together, health in the tummy (and everywhere else), rest and abounding love in your household.

The Howe Family said...

i am thrilled to see all 3 of your little ones together! L is absolutely beautiful!! I was so bummed to not make it to the airport on Saturday. We actually made an offer on a home up in East Nashville. Praying L gets healthy and everyone else remains so. Can't wait to meet your newest baby! : )

Maddie, Jack, and Kate's Momma said...

Lots of tears. Congratulations--what a miracle. I love seeing the three of them all together!!! Amazing. Enjoy your first days as a family of FIVE!! Love you all!

Suzanne Klueppelberg said...

Congrats Jo! She is so beautiful.