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Friday, September 10, 2010


The day is finally almost here! We are leaving tomorrow to bring Lidiyanna home. I am so excited! This week has been full of emotions.

My dad arrived today to care for the boys while we are gone. Please pray for all three of them while we are away. I know he'll do a great job with them, but it's a lot to care for two children alone.

We will have a lay-over in Dubai Sunday night and arrive in Addis Monday morning. I just found out that we will get Lidiyanna Monday afternoon. From that point on, she will be with us! I'm so thrilled to really get to know my daughter. It was great to visit her last time, but now I will really care for her, learn about her personality, and hopefully start the bonding process.

Please pray for our safety on this trip. Pray that Lidiyanna quickly adjusts to new surroundings and sleeps and eats well. Pray that she starts bonding with us right away and that she does well on the plane ride home. Or, maybe you should just pray that we will have the strength and patience to handle what comes our way.

Whatever happens, this will be a week we will never forget. Thank you for all your prayers and support. The love and encouragement you have shown to us has been so wonderful.

It's hard to post pictures and do things on the blog while we are there, but I will be excited to post when we get home.

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Maddie, Jack, and Kate's Momma said...

You know how thrilled for you I am. That's all I can "say" without blubbering all over my keyboard :). Love you to pieces!