Franklin Five

Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brother and Sister

Lidiyanna can now sit up on her own. She loves to sit next to a basket of toys and play. She would much rather sit up than be on her tummy or back. I'm just amazed how quickly she is growing. She is quite vocal now, too. She loves to make noises and explore with her voice.

Wesley and Graham continue to be great big brothers. I think some of the newness for Wesley has worn off, and he sometimes struggles with no longer being the baby. It's hard to give up that slot, but he's learning. I try to give him extra hugs and time together while Lidiyanna is napping. I have to admit it is very busy being a mom of three, and making special time for each child is a challenge. I love it though. My heart is so full of love for each of my children.

This picture cracks me up. She's giving him a look that says, "Don't you mess with my ball."


Lorie said...

Isn't it amazing how our love for each child seems to be the same (yet different), how we have enough love for everyone. I can't even comprehend it.

The Ward's said...

OH MY!!!!! I can't believe how much she has grown since she came home! She and the boys are adorable in their halloween costumes....
So, So, happy for y'all!